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Women coming together in community to get work done.


The Community is focused on introducing experienced women in business to new networking opportunities, mastermind conversations, panel discussions and speakers. There will be no sales pitches, just serious business experiences and topics to help us grow and succeed.

Committed To Growth

Conversations about business should happen with other business professionals. Sharing the work you do and the struggles you face with people who have been there, or are going through it, will help us all grow.

Focused On Business

Each meeting will begin and end with time for networking and socializing. During the one-hour meetings we will come together to discuss the topic, learn from the speaker or break into mastermind groups to workshop ideas to improve the work we do.

Integrity, Kindness, Support

The Community’s Creed establishes our desire to grow ourselves while we focus on doing good business with integrity, kindness and by supporting the people around us.

What's Included

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